The Runner's Playlist

Alright, so this post is just going to be a compilation of some of my favourite songs that get me pumped up for a big workout or race.  I don't run with an iPod, as I find that time seems to pass so much slower, and hauling my iPod on runs can easily become a chore fiddling around with wires and settings.  This being said, I know quite a few people who swear by iPods - at least on their easy runs, so for some of you who enjoy some music on the run, or maybe even before a big workout, you should definitely check out this playlist.

Number Ten:  Bruce Sprinsteen's Thunder Road
I really enjoy the piano in this song, and for some reason, I always end up picturing myself flying down an old dirt road in the country whenever this song comes on my iPod.

Number Nine:  Run This Town By Jay-Z and Rihanna
This is a great one for the tough workouts that just seem way too difficult to finish.  It pumps me up for tempo runs all the time, which more often than not gets me going out way too fast in the first few kilometers.

Number Eight:  POWER By Kanye West
This song gives me a similar feeling as the one above, and really gets the adrenaline going!
I can't say any more about this song, it's just one of those songs you need to listen to.

Number Seven:  Red Hot Chili Peppers with Can't Stop
This one is sort of a mish-mash of genres, with a fast beat that would make anybody run like an animal, and I "Can't Stop" listening to it! (I should really have kept that joke to myself)

Number Six:  Baba O'Riley by The Who
Straight from Without Limits, this song just gives me chills and visions of Prefontaine and his Super Stache every time.  A great song for anyone who needs a little extra motivation to get outside on a snowy day. (Also, Without Limits is a great Movie)

Number Five:  Gonna Fly Now By Bill Conti (From The Rocky Soundtrack)
It's another famous theme song that makes you want to chug a glass of raw eggs before you head out to the streets for your early morning run.

Number Four:  Beverly Hills By Weezer
Initially, it may not seem like the best song to run to, but I really like to listen to this song during the Canadian winters that never end, when I can't wait for the snow to melt, leaving it up to my imagination to pretend that I'm actually running through the warm breeze and palm trees of sunny Southern California.

Number Three:  Here I go Again By Whitesnake
It's the lyrics in this song that really get me going and considering I do almost all of my runs on my own, I can almost sing to myself every morning "Here I go again on my own".

Number Two:  Eminem's Lose Yourself
I don't even need to say anything about this one.  Just turn it on full blast, close your eyes, and you'll know what I mean when I say it gets you fired up for just about anything.

...And my favourite running song is another one from Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen - Born to Run.
Baby, we were born to run!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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